New PDF release: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java,

By C. Thomas Wu

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An creation to Object-Oriented Programming with Java takes a full-immersion method of object-oriented programming. right object-oriented layout practices are emphasised through the ebook. scholars how you can use the traditional periods first, then discover ways to layout their very own sessions. Wu makes use of a gentler method of educating scholars tips on how to layout their very own periods, keeping apart the insurance into chapters. GUI insurance is additionally situated independently at the back of the publication and will be lined if wanted.

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An error? No. It is permissible to use the same name to refer to different objects of the same class at different times. 6 Instead of writing statements for object declaration and creation separately, we can combine them into one statement. qxd 36 2/16/09 Chapter 2 3:56 PM Page 36 Getting Started with Java State of Memory A after A is executed Account account; account account = new Account( ); The identifier account is declared and space is allocated in memory. after B is executed Account account; B account = new Account( ); account :Account An Account object is created and the identifier account is set to refer to it.

In other words, you cannot put a comment inside another comment. 8 illustrate how the matching is done. Another marker for a comment is double slashes //. This marker is used for a single-line comment marker. Any text between the double-slash marker and the end of a line is a comment. The following example shows the difference between multiline and single-line comments: /* This is a comment with three lines of text. 2 Program Components 41 /* This is a comment on one line */ /* Comment number 1 */ /* Comment number 2 */ /* These two markers are part of the comment.

Compared to writing programs in machine language, writing programs in assembly language is much faster, but not fast enough for writing complex programs. High-level languages were developed to enable programmers to write programs faster than when using assembly languages. For example, FORTRAN (FORmula TRANslator), a programming language intended for mathematical computation, allows programmers to express numerical equations directly as X = (Y + Z) / 2 COBOL (COmmon Business-Oriented Language) is a programming language intended for business data processing applications.

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