An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming in C++ by G. M. Seed, Graham M. Seed PDF

By G. M. Seed, Graham M. Seed

ISBN-10: 3540760423

ISBN-13: 9783540760429

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CPP various tolerances. enumerated type Boolean. Min () & Max () template functions. class Point. implementation file for Point class. class Line. implementation file for class Line. template class Vector. class Vector3D. implementation file for class Vector3D. template class LinkedList. template class LinkedListlterator. class Complex. implementation file for class Complex. classes RGBColour and Normal isedRGBColour. H NormalisedRGBColour. class BoundingBox. abstract base class Shape. class Plane.

0 The C++ Programming Language, 2nd edn (Stroustrup, 1991) DEC,Microsoft and IBM C++ Releases DraftANSlIlSOstandard of this key book, many compilers were referred to as 'K&R compliant'. ) By the mid-1980s, there were more than 20 C compilers for MS-DOS, and C was in danger of being fragmented into several dialects. As a result, in 1982 an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standardisation committee was formed to produce a standard definition of the C language. 159-1989 standard was produced.

An untyped language, such as Smalltalk, allows an object to send any message to the object's class even if the class does not know how to respond to the message. Such errors generally go unnoticed until program execution. If violations of type are allowed to pass compilation and type checking is postponed until run-time then a language is referred to as dynamically typed. Regarding classes, C++ is strongly typed. Consider the shapes program (introduced above) once more: class FuzzyShape { // } ; ...

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