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Williams' paintings is the 1st book-length scholarly learn committed solely to Santideva's philosophy and as such it merits our recognition and appreciation. Williams is a proficient and interesting author a truly fascinating and energetic book.--Eli Franco, Bulletin of SOAS

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Ti�thate pural:! I tadanyagatyabhavena niralamba prasamyati II gang tse dngos dang dngos med dag I blo yi mdun na mi gnas pa I de tse mam pa gzhan med pas I dmigs pa med par rab tu zhi II When entity and non-entity do not stand before the mind I Then because there exists no other possibil ity, without intentional object it is completely calmed II Prajfiakaramati comments that the mind is completely calmed because all diversifying constructions are calmed ( buddhi� prasamyati upasamyati I sarvavikalpopasamat) .

Structurally, it is not to wake up and be someone else. The psychologist Susan Blackmore has commented that from the point of view of contemporary psychology, there is the self- image. We know our names and we attribute personality characteristics to ourselves. We know who we are by all the social and linguistic processes by which people develop ideas about themselves and each other. As we grow throughout our lives we have an ever changing concept of who we are [The self] is a process in flux and dependent upon a functioning brain There is no self, only a process of self-construction.

The point is raised by Santideva's opponent, and it might be thought to be the very foundation question for a construction of an ethical system. In attempting to remove the purvapak�a's objection Santideva wants to argue that for himself at least the Buddhist vision implies altruism as a necessary consequence and is not ( as has sometimes been argued by Western commentators) antithetical to it. Santideva had already urged that suffering is to be removed simply because it is suffering ( 8 :94- 6 ) .

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