Kazunobu Matsushita, Hirohide Toyama, Naoto Tonouchi, Akiko's Acetic Acid Bacteria: Ecology and Physiology PDF

By Kazunobu Matsushita, Hirohide Toyama, Naoto Tonouchi, Akiko Okamoto-Kainuma

ISBN-10: 4431559310

ISBN-13: 9784431559313

ISBN-10: 4431559337

ISBN-13: 9784431559337

This e-book presents all features of acetic acid micro organism (AAB) and provides the long run ambitions and instructions of AAB study. It summarizes the specified physiological houses of AAB and the hot development on AAB examine, in particular within the following 5 components: 1) Molecular phylogeny and genome learn of AAB; 2) Ecological good points of AAB: interplay with vegetation, typical fermentation structures, and bugs; three) Physiological good points and residing techniques of AAB, together with quick oxidation skill, acid resistance, biofilm formation, and genetic instability; four) Molecular mechanisms of a number of oxidative fermentations reminiscent of acetate fermentation, sorbose fermentation, and ketogluconate fermentation; five) fresh biotechnological elements of AAB: biocatalysts, biosensors, biocellulose, and different helpful polysaccharides.

AAB study has a protracted heritage because the discovery of AAB through Louis Pasteur and the id of AAB by means of Martinus Beijerinck within the 19th century. within the 20th century, simple examine at the taxonomic research of AAB and on biochemical research for the original oxidative reactions of AAB had stepped forward in addition to the commercial program of AAB not just in vinegar fermentation but additionally within the bioconversion procedure for necessary chemical or pharmaceutical items. coming into the twenty-first century, AAB study has extended extra, and additional growth is predicted to be obvious in all fields of AAB: class and ecology, body structure and biochemistry, genetics, and biotechnology of vinegar fermentation and different oxidative fermentations. Far-reaching improvement within the final decade makes those micro organism extra worthwhile for numerous business makes use of. Readers can receive beneficial and finished info that is fascinating in features of easy technological know-how and gives tricks for the higher program of those micro organism to varied different types of useful construction situations as well.

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Masc. n. bacter, rod; N. L. masc. n. Endobacter, a rod isolated from the inside of a root nodule of alfalfa. The strain of the genus Endobacter was isolated from a surface-sterilized nodule of alfalfa in Spain; it is quite remote phylogenetically from other acetic acid bacteria and constituted an independent cluster in a phylogenetic tree based on 16S rRNA gene sequences. Cells are gram negative, coccoid to rod shaped. Motile with subpolar flagella. Colonies are white and mucoid on modified yeast extract mannitol agar.

The major cellular fatty acid is C18:1ω7c. The major quinone is Q-10. 2 mol%. For more details of characteritics, see Komagata et al. (2014). 1 Kozakia baliensis Lisdiyanti, Kawasaki, Widyastuti, Saono, Seki, Yamada, Uchimura and Komagata 2002 For the characteristics of the species, refer to Lisdiyanti et al. (2002). 1 Systematics of Acetic Acid Bacteria 27 The type strain is Yo-3T (¼ DSM 14400T ¼ JCM 11301T ¼ NBRC 16664T¼ NRIC 0488T), isolated from palm brown sugar collected in Bali, Indonesia in 1996.

The major quinone is Q-10. The DNA GþC content is 52–53 mol%. For more details of characteristics, see Komagata et al. (2014). 1 Saccharibacter floricola Jojima, Mihara, Suzuki, Yokozeki, Yamanaka and Fudo 2004 For the characteristics of the species, refer to Jojima et al. (2004). The type strain is S-877T (¼ AJ 13480T ¼ DSM 15669T ¼ JCM 12116T), isolated from pollen collected in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. 3 mol%. a. Gr. adj. neos, new; N. L. fem. n. Asaia, a bacterial name after Professor Asai, Japan; N.

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