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6. r8). His cruelty also was proverbial; cf. Seneca, de ira, ii. 5· I ; de benef. vii. 19. 7 (Rossbach's emendation); Plut. M or. 555 B; Dio Chrys. ii. 76. Tarn (AG, IJI n. vopefs, was based, as Niebuhr thought (Kl. Schr. i. vopEts see von Holzinger's edition of the Alexandra (Leipzig, r8g6), 6. On Apollodorus' cruelty see Tarn, AG, 171-2; Kaerst, RE, 'Apollodorus (43}', col. 2851. 3. Tjvas oo 11'AElous Tpu~)v Kai 8£Ka: he reigned from early in 215 to early in 214 (above, p. z). 4. oOK EtK6;: since P.

OOK EtK6;: since P. uses only the argument from probability to controvert the sensational version (probably Baton's: cf. ), he will have had access to no favourable account of this reign; see Jacoby, commentary on FGH, z68 F 4· For the sensational account Meyer (Kl. Schr. ii. 85 n. r) compares the history of the last Chaldaean kings in Berossus (FGH, 68o F 9 {a) = Joseph. c. Ap. i. \yws, and Nergal-sar-usur's son Labrasi-Marduk is also murdered after nine months od. K0~81j. 5. dKaiov: 'capricious' (Paton), 'unstable' (cf.

5. 2. m (cf. iv. 23. ); the presence of non-Syracusans is not strange (cf. viii. 9· 6 for Philip II). Dionysius already had such a rnn•el>pLov; cf. Diod. xiv. 8. ; Plut. Dian, 6. 4; Stauffenberg, i4 n. 98. 3. v: 'the prince's lack of judgement'. Paton prints this text but translates the reading of N aKpacriat•, 'lack of self-control', which perhaps goes better with oESw·ns. 's picture of Hieronymus; for his instability cf. tf10Vtos: cf. viii. 37· r n. Aristomachus and Autonous are otherwise unknown.

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