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By Geir E. Dullerud

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Throughout the 90s powerful keep an eye on concept has obvious significant advances and completed a brand new adulthood, established round the thought of convexity. The target of this booklet is to provide a graduate-level path in this idea that emphasizes those new advancements, yet while conveys the most rules and ubiquitous instruments on the middle of the topic. Its pedagogical ambitions are to introduce a coherent and unified framework for learning the idea, to supply scholars with the control-theoretic history required to learn and give a contribution to the examine literature, and to give the most principles and demonstrations of the foremost effects. The booklet can be of price to mathematical researchers and laptop scientists, graduate scholars planning on doing learn within the sector, and engineering practitioners requiring complex keep an eye on recommendations.

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That is given x 2 V , how are the coordinate vectors xv xu 2 Fn related? The answer is as follows. Suppose that each basis vector uk is expressed by uk = t1k v1 + + tnk vn in the basis fv1 : : : vn g. Then the coe cients tik de ne the matrix 2 t11 t1n 3 T = 64 ... . ... 75 : tn1 tnn Notice that such a matrix is nonsingular, since it represents the identity mapping IV in the bases fv1 : : : vn g and fu1 : : : un g. 1. Linear spaces and mappings 29 Now suppose A : V ! V and that Av : Fn ! Fn is the representation of A on the basis v1 : : : vn , and Au is the representation of A using the basis u1 : : : un.

When S is A-invariant, the partitioning of A] as above yields a matrix of the form 2 A] = A01 A A3 : Similarly if a matrix has this form the subspace Fk f0g is A]-invariant. We will revisit the question of nding non-trivial invariant subspaces later in the chapter, when studying eigenvectors and the Jordan decomposition. In the next section we will pursue some of the geometric properties of sets in linear spaces. 2 Subsets and Convexity Up to now in this chapter, the only sets we have encountered are those that are also vector spaces.

Applying this procedure repeatedly we can generate an orthonormal basis fv1 : : : vn g for C n . A square matrix U 2 C n n is called unitary if it satis es U U = I: If U 2 Rn n and satis es the above identity it is more speci cally called an orthogonal matrix. From this de nition we see that the columns of any unitary matrix forms an orthonormal basis for C n . Further, since U is square it must be that U = U ;1 and therefore UU = I . So the columns of U also form an orthonormal basis. A key property of unitary matrices is that if y = Ux, for some x 2 C n , then the length of y is equal to that of x: p p jyj = py y = (Ux) (Ux) = x U Ux = jxj: Unitary matrices are the only matrices that leave the length of every vector unchanged.

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